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What we expect from you?

Working out what funding you require is vital. Make sure you have done your research and calculations. Double check your initial start-up costs – think about what assumptions you have about success and what you may have under/over estimated.

Be open to advice from us about what funding we think is necessary for you to get your idea off the ground. Be realistic about what you are asking for and what you’ll be using it for.

Angel Investors do more than give cash. We help you with people and advice that will help you move your venture forward.

Our Tips for those seeking help from us

  • Do your research and know your idea well before seeking investment.
  • Be able to supply supporting documentation about your investment.
  • Assess whether you need as much as you are asking from the Angel Investor.
  • We want you to succeed – it’s not just about handing out money but offering you advice and providing support.
  • We live and work in regional areas and non-capital cities.